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WAHL Lithium Triple Play Body Groomer - Black & Silver (UK/AU)

op features:

- Interchangeable full size shaver and trimmer for versatile hair removal 

-  Up to two hours use with a one hour change so you can style just right 

- Five years warranty for added peace of mind 

Interchangeable full size shaver

The Wahl Lithium Triple Play Body Groomer is an interchangeable full size shaver, trimmer and precision trimmer so you can choose how you wish to trim your hair and not have multiple groomers in the bathroom.

With precision blades, you can expect to get your desired length easily. The groomer also comes with four comb attachments and a cleaning brush to meet all of your trimming needs.

Up to two hours use

With a rechargeable battery, the Wahl Triple Play Body Groomer lasts up to two hours of use from a one hour charge so you don't have to concern yourself with not having time to groom.

Five years warranty

For added peace of mind, the Wahl Triple Play Body Groomer comes with a five year warranty. 

Origin: EU/USA/AU