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SUUNTO Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Baro Amber (UK/AU)

Top features: 

- For versatile training, it follows any exercise regime 

- Daily health monitoring keeps you up to date 

- Compact and durable for constant wear 

- Smartphone alerts come through to the watch 

For versatile training

When you start exercising, the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR will be ready for you. If you want to run a quick route several times, the automatic lap feature will track your speed for each lap. But if you just want to head off into the city without worrying about direction, the Suunto Spartan Sport will create a breadcrumb trail that you can safely follow back home.

Whether you're running, hiking, swimming, or cycling, the watch knows where you are and how fast you're going, so you get that all-important record of your improvement over time.

Daily health monitoring

The Suunto Spartan HR tracks your heart rate throughout the day, so you can get an accurate reading of your resting heart rate. You can use this to track which days have been the most stressful, or to make sure you're pushing yourself enough during your workout. The Suunto Spartan HR will also track your daily steps, calories burned, and sleep, so you get a full picture of your health.

Compact and durable

The Suunto Spartan Sport HR can go for two weeks without needing to recharge, and even when you're using the advanced features you can get 10 – 30 hours of use from it. And because it has a slim design and comfortable strap you can keep it on all day.

It's also water resistant up to 100 m, so you don't need to remember to take it off when going for a swim.

Smartphone alerts

When paired up to your phone with Bluetooth, the watch will vibrate and display alerts for emails, texts, and incoming calls. The display can also be customised, so your watch will have that personal touch.