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REMINGTON XR1400 Flex 360 Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver - Black & Blue (UK/AU)

Top features: 

- Better coverage means shaving takes less time 

- Improved control, giving you full circular motion for an accurate trim 

- Wet & Dry functionality means you can use in the shower or with gel to suit your preference 

Better coverage 

The Remington XR1400 Flex 360 Wet & Dry Rotary Shaver's precision ultra-cutters can tackle hair of varying lengths, cutting in fewer strokes. This means that your shave can take up to 50% less time than it used to, letting you get ready for work much faster. 

Improved control 

ActiveContour technology flexes each shaving head on the XR1400's, enabling maximum contact with your skin and adjusting to the contours of your face. Its compact design enables you to easily achieve a full circular motion, making it simple to trim hairs at difficult angles in comfort. 

Wet & dry 

Perfect for when you need to tidy your facial hair in a rush, the XR1400 can be used in the shower to save time when you're going through your morning routine. 

The shaver is completely waterproof and can be used with gel, oil or foam, whatever you prefer to use. Dry shaving is also an option with the rotary shaver, ideal when you're on-the-go. 

Origin: EU/USA/AU