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Piccolo Organic Quinoa with Vegetable Ratatouille 180g (UK/AU)

Piccolo 100% organic stage 3 pots are suitable from 10 months+ all natural and no added sugar. An organic meal of spinach, tomato and plain baby pasta, with a five vegetable sauce.
Our Piccolo Pots are a revolutionary new way to bring healthy and nutritious meals to your little ones, in a clever and easy to use way. By keeping our Mediterranean sauces and grains separate, we don't lose any of the grain's texture (something that is hugely important for babies' development and teaching them to chew) as well as keeping all the nutrients in the veg-packed sauce.

We believe that the Mediterranean approach to eating can really help excite your little Piccolo's taste buds and set them up with a great relationship with food from the beginning, and our founder, Cat, has gone through her own Italian family recipe books to choose her favourite traditional Mediterranean meals for our Piccolo Pots range.

We choose our ingredients really carefully, and work with farmers on small farms across the Med who grow our 100% organic vegetables, herbs and spices, while our pasta is handmade in a little town in North Italy using traditional methods that go back generations