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Piccolo Organic Glorious Greens Basket 4 x 90g (UK/AU)

Contains apple, pear, kale, spinach, coconut milk and basil

A Balanced of Green Fruit & Vegetables
The [typically] Mediterranean approach to eating is a wonderful way to think about feeding little ones. As our triangle explains below, it's all about balance and enjoying a variety of different foods - some more often than others.
This is as true for babies as it is for parents.

Mediterranean Balanced
The ingredients in our glorious greens work perfectly as part of the Mediterranean triangle's recommended healthy daily foods, with its variety of [different] organic green fruits & vegetables blended together to create delicious snacks that help little ones explore new tastes.
We believe that the Mediterranean approach to eating can really help excite your little Piccolo's taste buds and set them up with a great relationship with food from the beginning. 

We choose our ingredients really carefully, and work with farmers on small farms across the Med who grow our 100% organic vegetables, herbs and spices.
As always, we work in partnership with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), the UK's largest charity for parents, to help give back to others where we can.
100% organic, First tastes from around 6 months, A fruit & vegetable mezze, Perfect as a snack, Contains a variety of fruit & veg for a mediterranean balanced snack, Mediterranean goodness, Supporting NCT