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New 2018 Generation 6. Hibermate Sleep Mask with Ear Muffs for Sleeping. Soft & Luxurious Mask, Satin Exterior, Removable Ear Cups Reduce Noise by Approx 15-20db Nrr. (Gen 6 Pitch Black) (UK/AU)

  • TOTALLY UPDATED FOR 2018, the Hibermate totally blocks out light; there is no light seepage from under the nose or sides.
  • REDUCE THE NEED FOR PAINFUL EAR PLUGS. The Hibermate's flexible Smooth silicone ear muffs noticeably reduce noise and reduce the need for painful earplugs; we estimate NRR at approximately 15dB - 20dB. It doesn't block all sound (for safety) and you will still be able to hear your alarm.
  • MORE ADJUSTABILITY THAN EVER BEFORE. The all-new 6th Generation Hibermate comes with 2 easy to adjust high quality elastic straps to ensure it fits on all head shapes and sizes. The silky outer satin cover slips easily against your pillow so it will always stay in place.
  • WARM AND COZY, COOL AND BREATHABLE. YOU'LL FEEL LIKE YOU'RE IN A COCOON. The high quality, breathable inner is warm & cozy in winter, cool & breathable in summer.
  • REDUCE SENSORY INPUT WHILE YOU RELAX. It's slim, compact, lightweight & fully machine washable - wash, dry and wear; again and again.
  • Origin UK/AU
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