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MYKRONOZ ZeTime Elite - Rose Gold, Petite (UK/AU)

Top features: 

- Stay connected without sacrificing style 

- Crush your fitness goals with the ZeTime app 

- Smart Movement technology adjusts the display automatically 

Stay connected

Add a bit of class to your outfit with the MyKronoz ZeTime Elite. By combining mechanical hands with a digital display, this hybrid smartwatch helps you stay connected all day while keeping the look of a traditional watch.

With just a quick glance of your wrist you can see all your notifications on the colour touchscreen. This means you don't have to dig your phone out of your pocket to check your texts and emails.

You can also use your ZeTime Elite as a remote and control your music or find your phone if it gets misplaced. It's perfect when you're running on the treadmill and you need some new tunes to keep going.

Crush your fitness goals

Take advantage of the free ZeTime app to reach your fitness goals. You can keep track of your daily activity, your heart rate, and see how many calories you've burnt off, so that you can stay on course.

If you've lounged around for too long, the watch tells you to get up and move around with friendly reminders to keep you active on your off days.

Smart Movement

The ZeTime makes it easy to see what's on your screen without needing to peer past the hands. When you get a notification it will move the hands out of the way so you can read your message or see who's calling.

Origin: EU/USA/AU