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MY KRONOZ ZeTime Premium - Black, Regular (UK/AU)

Top features: 

- The best of both worlds in a smart watch with mechanical hands 

- Stay informed with health monitoring and smartphone notifications 

- Ready for everyday with waterproofing and remote capabilities 

The best of both worlds

Discover a combination of all the best smart features with the benefits of a traditional watch with the MyKronoz ZeTime Premium. 

The two mechanical hands each have their own motor allowing them to move separately, so when you get a smart notification they will automatically move out of the way, letting you see the text clearly and without obstruction.

The Zetime will automatically update the date and time by your location, and when used in analogue mode has a battery life of up to 30 days - perfect for when you don't need the smart features and just want to wear it as a watch. The premium range also feature high quality, stylish leather bands.

Stay informed

Connect your mobile to the ZeTime Premium via Bluetooth, and it can display all your smart notifications as well as custom reminders and the weather forecast all on your wrist to check at a glance. Equipped with a heart rate sensor and accelerometer, it can also track your daily activity, sleep patterns, heart rate, and more, so you can also keep an eye on your fitness levels. 

Ready for everyday

Take pictures, play, pause, and skip tracks, all from your wrist without having to touch your phone - great for when you want to leave your mobile in your bag. 

The ZeTime is also waterproof up to 50 m, so you can keep it on in the shower or during your pool laps with no worries about it getting damaged. Because we've all forgotten where we put our phone down from time to time, it has a "find my phone" feature, which makes your mobile ring so that you can find it quickly when you're in a hurry to get going.

Origin: EU/USA/AU