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Kiddylicious Strawberry Fruity Puffs 10g (UK/AU)

Over the years I have delveloped many well-loved snacks for toddlers 12 months+, but mums kept asking for something for younger babies that tasted delicious - shouldn't all food be yummy whatever your age? - and is suitable from 7 months (to 70 years for all to share!).
Little children start trying out their 'pincer grasp' around 7 to 10 months, using their thumbs and index fingers to pick up food and bring it to their mouths. Our fantastic chunky fruity puffs are just perfect; easy to grasp, easy to swallow and don't fall apart too easily - but watch out, granny is after a few!
Sally Preston
At Kiddylicious amazing taste is at the heart of everything we do. Our snacks are bursting with different flavours, shapes and textures. Kiddylicious Fruity Puffs have a special delicate texture that dissolves easily making them perfect for little mouths.
We know that newly developed taste buds make flavours more intense for little ones, which is why our corn puffs are gently flavoured with subtle hints of yummy fruit.
These chunky puffs are the perfect size for tiny hands.
It's delicious, Chunky puffs for little fingers, Encourages self feeding, Suitable for 7 months+ to grown ups, No artificial anything, No gluten, dairy, nuts or egg, No added sugar or salt, No added preservatives, No artificial flavours or colours, Suitable for coeliacs, dairy intolerant and vegetarians