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Kiddylicious Carrot Wafers 10 x 4g (UK/AU)

For Weaning...
Our Wafers dissolve easily in the mouth making them perfect for weaning. Made with subtle hints of real fruit and veg, their delicate texture offers comfort for teething babies too.
And Beyond...
Little ones can use Kiddylicious Wafers to spoon and scoop up purées, yoghurts and dips for a fun pudding or snack.
Out and About
Pop our handy twin packs in your bag for a quick and easy snack wherever your are. There's no sticky mess to clear up afterwards so everyone is happy!

Follow Our Snack Stepping Stones
6 Months+, Discovering tastes, textures and learning to eat
12 Months+, Energy refuelling and learning to love veg
2 1/2 Years+ Energy top ups & learning to make 'healthier' choices
It's delicious, 10 yummy twin packs, No mess, Rice wafers for babies and beyond, Suitable first food around 6 months, Encourages self feeding, No gluten, dairy, nuts or egg, No added salt, No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, Suitable for... coeliacs, dairy intolerant and vegetarians
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