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GARMIN Fenix 5 - Slate Grey, Silicone Strap (UK/AU)

Top features: 

Get more from your training with the perfect activity partner 

- Navigate the great outdoors and be ready for anything 

- Stay connected to the things that matter and share your location 

Get more from your training

Train more efficiently and get the most out of every active minute with the Garmin Fenix 5.

Featuring a unique performance widget, you'll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer on your wrist all day everyday. Get access to information such as your training status, training load and recovery advice, as well as more advanced indicators such as lactate threshold. You'll be able to get a better indication of your realtime performance each session, so whether you're running, cycling or swimming you can squeeze the most out of every minute.

With activity profiles for most sports - including paddle sports - the Fenix 5 can identify what you're doing and log your active minutes, so you can be sure every moment will count. If you like to mix it up, you can even create your own multi-sport profile to suit your routine. Creating a training plan has never been simpler.

Navigate the great outdoors

There's nowhere better to excercise than out in the open, and with the Fenix 5 you'll benefit from loads of navigation features that make getting off the beaten track easier than ever. 

With GPS positioning, you'll always know where you are, and with a thermometer and barometer built in, you can keep an eye on the weather and make sure you don't get caught out by a cloud burst. With the compass feature, you can monitor your direction, and there's even an altimeter which accurately provides elevation information, so you can see if you've been walking uphill. You'll be prepared for whatever the day has to throw at you.

Stay connected

Because even when you're working out you want to stay connected, the Fenix 5 lets you connect to a compatible smart device via Bluetooth. You'll get your emails, texts and other notifications straight to your wrist, so there's no excuse to stop for a mobile break. 

With GroupTrack you can keep an eye on your workout buddies and track where they are if you get separated on a run, making it easier than ever to find each other when you're in a spot with no phone signal.