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EMPORIO ARMANI Alberto ART5010 Smartwatch - Silver (UK/AU)

Top features: 

- Personalise your experience with a customisable watch face 

- Stay connected with fitness tracking and notifications 

- Leave your cards at home thanks to inbuilt Google Pay 

Personalise your experience

Never be more than one tap away from your most used apps with the Armani Alberto ART5010 Smartwatch.

With a customisable face and interactive dials, you can add shortcuts to the functions you want quick access to - you won't need to stop what you're doing to scroll through fiddly settings. The watch display, sub-dial and strap are also completely customisable with hundreds of possible combinations, so you can change it up whenever and as often as you fancy, to suit your lifestyle and current mood.  
Stay connected

With vibration and visual notifications when you get a call, text or email, you can stay in the know without having to openly check your phone - perfect if you're in a meeting or it's raining and you want to leave your phone in your bag.

GPS connectivity will help you keep track of your speed, distance, time and other workout stats so you can easily measure your improvement. The heart rate tracker is handy for monitoring your active minutes and keeping motivated, and the Armani Alberto is water resistant too, so you can keep it on in the shower.

Leave your cards at home

For times you want to go running without the added bulk of a bag, the Alberto ART5010 let's you pay contactlessly with Google Pay, so you can still grab a bottle of water or go straight to meet your friends for coffee. It also features Google Assistant, so you can set a reminder, check up on the weather, ask for directions and more, all through your watch. 

With Bluetooth connectivity you can even control your music from your wrist, so you can skip a song, adjust the volume or change the playlist all without having to stop your workout to get your phone.