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Ecozone Appliance Deep Clean Descaler (UK/AU)

Ecozone’s Full-Service Machine Cleaner is a powerful solution in tablet form that gives your appliances a one-off deep clean, to rid build-ups of; limescale, detergent liquids and powders that have become encrusted around the drum and in the pipework. Two tablets will provide one treatment and are suitable to be used in both washing machines and dishwashers. Perfect for use in an inherited machine or for machines that haven’t been treated with descaler for some time. 


   - Removes encrusted limescale & detergent build up from appliances


   - Eliminates bacteria & odours


   - Provides a one-off full service to ensure maximum appliance performance   


It is advisable to maintain up-keep with Ecozone’s Washing Machine & Dishwasher Cleaner product every 1-3 months after a full service with this product.