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Dove Pro Age Conditioner 200ml (UK/AU)

Dove Nutritive Solutions, Dove pro age conditioner, Dove conditioner, ageing hair, brittle hair, thicker hair, how to get thicker hair, thinning hair in women, weak hair, stronger hair. Designed specifically for ageing hair, enjoy fuller, stronger and thicker hair with this nourishing conditioner. Benefits As we grow older, it's natural for our hair to change. Did you know that ageing hair starts growing more slowly and becomes finer, giving us the appearance of thinning, brittle hair? But, with a few changes to our hair care routine, our hair can be strengthened and made to look fuller. If you’ve been wondering how to get thicker hair, it’s easy: by choosing Dove pro·age Conditioner, you can enjoy the appearance of younger-looking, thicker-feeling hair. Dove pro·age Conditioner is specifically designed to bring back your hair’s strength and to give it the appearance of fullness and body. As part of Dove Nutritive Solutions, its unique formula contains MicroMoisture Serum™ and helps moisturise hair from deep within. It restores brittle, dry hair to make it stronger*, thicker and fuller-looking. Product Uses To use, simply massage through hair after shampooing, concentrating on the mid-lengths and tips, before rinsing. For the best results, pair up with Dove pro·age Shampoo.