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Colgate ProClinical 360 Deep Clean Brush Heads 4 per pack (UK/AU)

For Healthier Teeth & Gums
Cleans in 3 ways:
1 Helps remove surfaces stains
2 Cleans deep along the gum line
3 Removes plaque

Colgate® ProClinical® Triple Clean brush heads have been designed and engineered to work with the Colgate® ProClinical® Electric Toothbrush range, providing a superior clean for teeth and gums*. 
The Triple Clean brush head has multi-height bristles to clean in 3 ways. Spiral bristles help remove surface stains, inner bristles work by removing plaque from tooth surfaces. Finally, the tapered outer bristles work their way between those hard to reach places, cleaning deep along the gumline.
Each pack has different coloured brush heads which fit all Colgate® ProClinical® Electric Toothbrush handles (C200, C600 & A1500).
Dentists recommend you change your brush every three months for good oral health.
*Vs a manual flat trim toothbrush.
Powered by OMRON, Fits all Colgate ProClinical electric toothbrushes