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Aquafresh Complete Care Original Toothpaste 100ml (UK/AU)

24h Sugar Acid Protection*
Aquafresh Complete Care toothpaste - complete protection for your whole family in a fresh minty flavour they'll enjoy.
With 24 hours Sugar Acid Protection* provided by active fluoride - creating a shield that protects the tooth surface against sugar acid attack throughout the day.
*Brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste and follow a healthy diet as protection may decrease between brushing.

8 key benefits for strong teeth and healthy mouth
Cavity Prevention
Healthy Gums**
Fresh Breath
Fights Plaque**
Great Taste
Removes Surface Stains
Enamel Strengthening
Antibacterial Action
**With regular brushing.
24h sugar acid protection, Cavity prevention, Fresh breath, Great taste, Removes surface stains, Enamel strengthening, Anti-bacterial action