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Aptamil Creamed Apricot Porridge Baby Cereal 125g (UK/AU)

Making the right feeding choices for you and your baby
We've been pioneering research into infant and toddler nutrition for over 40 years to help you give your baby the best start in life. We ensure only high quality grains and fruit are selected and then combine these with our unique blend of ingredients, Pronutravi+™.

Pronutravi+™ our unique blend of ingredients
GOS/FOS - Our unique patented blend of galacto- and fructo-oligosaccharides.
Iron - To support normal cognitive development.
Vitamins A, C and D - Vitamin D for normal development of bones.

Taste - simple, exploring and adventurous
Texture - smooth, thicker and varied
Nutricia Bringing Science to Early Life

Offering your baby a wide variety of foods along their weaning journey is important as they start to form their taste preferences. Our unique range of cereal are specially developed to introduce delicious tastes and textures as your baby progresses.

Creamed Porridge
4-6+ months - Simple taste, Smooth texture

Multigrain Cereal
7+ Months - Exploring taste, Thicker texture

Oats, Apple & Plum Muesli
10+ Months - Adventurous taste, Varied texture
With our unique blend of ingredients, Smooth texture, Ideal for first weaning, Just add warm water, No added salt or sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars and salt only, No preservatives