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Aptamil Sensavia 3 Growing Up Milk 1-2 Years 800g (UK/AU)

Aptamil® Sensavia® Growing Up Milk is a fortified milk drink based on partially hydrolysed milk protein for young children aged 1-2 years

Vitamin D which contributes to the normal function of the immune system
Iron to support normal cognitive development
Calcium needed for normal growth and development of bone
Essential Fatty Acids (ALA & LA) for normal growth and development. Benefit obtained from a daily intake of 2g ALA and 10g LA
GOS/FOS (9:1) a blend of Galacto- and Fructo-oligosaccharides

2 beakers a day
Just 2 x 150ml beakers each day of Aptamil® Sensavia® Growing Up Milk is one way to help meet your toddler's recommended intake of Vitamin D, Iron and Calcium, in combination with a varied balanced diet.

Do not use if your toddler has been diagnosed cow's milk allergy.
40 years of research
Our passionate team of more than 500 scientists and experts are devoted to bringing you and your toddler the latest discoveries our research has to offer. Inspired by 40 years of breastmilk research, we have developed Aptamil® Sensavia® Growing Up Milk, a tailored formulation for toddlers from 1-2 years, based on partially hydrolysed milk protein where the milk protein has been broken into smaller pieces.
Due to the blend of ingredients you may notice a change in your toddler's stool consistency (looser) and colour (greener). This is perfectly normal and temporary.
Nutricia Bringing Science to early Life
Tailored with milk protein broken into smaller pieces
As part of a varied and balanced weaning diet.

We are devoted to providing you & your baby our very best.
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